Puglia’s kitchen table

In an age of pre-packet, preserved, mass produced and chemically enhanced food, word is spreading fast that “cucina povera”, Puglia’s ‘peasant cooking’ is in fact, the finest, freshest, healthiest and most organically produced food in Italy, know as “Mediterranean Diet” and proudly recognised and protected by UNESCO as a cultural heritage of humanity.
Why would a country so rich in great gastronomy, turn to one region, Puglia, to add quality to the Mediterranean table? Find out for yourself with one of our food tours, cooking courses or catering services. Italians are choosing Puglia’s produce because the region offers the freshest fish, finest vegetables, olive oil, (AKA Puglia’s gold) wine and pasta.

Learn to cook puglian style

Are you a foodie? Love cooking? Expert chef? Or maybe you just want to impress someone with your culinary skills. With a full range of courses we guarantee the perfect class for you. Puglia Travel Design has a great team
including specialist Chefs and local experts in ‘Cucina povera’, who share traditional family recipes handed down from generation to generation.
We offer workshops covering food preparation, menu planning and tastings. Learn how to select and prepare seasonal vegetables, pasta, seafood, meat and desserts.

We offer workshops covering food preparation, menu planning and tastings. Learn how to select and prepare seasonal vegetables, pasta, seafood, meat and desserts.

Cook and Dine

Cook & Dine is a great way to learn to cook in your holiday apartment or villa. It’s a half day cookery class, with wine tasting and pairing, and at the end of the day you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labour.

Catering Service & Private Chef

Are you thinking of organising a special evening, dinner or event during your stay? Why not treat yourself to our catering or private Chef service? We can offer a varied and delicious menu selection giving your vacation or event a touch of magic.


Discover the increasingly popular Puglian wine, which was originally used as blending wine providing depth, colour and body to lesser quality northern wines. With a customised vineyard tour you can learn about the land, grapes, growing conditions and fermentation processes which characterise Primitivo, Negroamaro and Malvasia, before tasting and discovering for yourself exactly why they are fast appearing amongst leading Italian wines.


You will hear Italians speaking about ‘0 kilometre’ food. Puglia has a pure and simple ‘land to table’ food culture ensuring the finest, freshest, organic food. No trip is complete without spending a day in a traditional masseria where you can pick up some great home growing and cooking tips from some of the region’s best producers .

olive oil tasting

“If there's a problem in the kitchen add Olive Oil”, the Puglia Gold, a secret ingredient as ancient and as precious as the trees growing on the land that produces it.
Our oil producers guide you through the meticulous tasting process. Learn how to detect the many complex flavours of different styles of locally produced oils, as well as occasional defects, and finally the best part, taste the dishes that best reflect the exclusive role extra virgin olive oil plays in local gastronomy.

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